ABOUT the artist'S

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Michael first connected with the art of creative expression as a little boy after getting his first 35mm slr camera as a Christmas present from his grandfather. Growing up in Hawai’i on the island of Maui, Michael was naturally drawn towards capturing the natural beauty of the awe inspiring environment that surrounded him in his youth.

Later during his adult years and after formally studying the arts Michael evolved into fashion photography. Until one destined day he was contacted and persuaded by a friend that would not take “no” for an answer to create their family portraits. After that career changing family session Michael fell in love with the gift of creating fine portrait art featuring the love and connection of beautiful families & couples worldwide.

Love is in the Air-

During his formative years in fashion photography Michael crossed paths a handful of times with a very sweet and kind hearted fashion model named Jordan. She also grew up loving photography as her father was a photographer. Where she has many fond childhood memories of him creating magical images in his darkroom.

However, during their encounters and being that is was a professional setting where respect to the work was the priority, no romances or phone numbers were exchanged during their crossings. Until one fateful summer day during the world famous San Diego Street Scene musical festival, Michael and Jordan's paths cross once again and destiny was set to take it’s magical course.

Their chemistry was immediate and the two fans of the photography world began their journey together and were married only a short year after they first started dating. Since then Michael and Jordan have created a wonderful life of joy surrounded on the foundation of family, kindness and love. At the time of this writing Michael and Jordan have two wonderful happy healthy loving sons their first born being named Mikey Jr. and their second blessing being named Mason Kai.




CONNECTION for creativity -

Jordan initially got involved with the portrait sessions as Michael's assistant. As time went on Michael realized how talented and creative Jordan’s eye was and she slowly started creating from behind the lens where the stunning visual impact was immediate. Jordan with all of her creative female sensibilities was able to create imagery that Michael was not able to on his own previously. Together Michael and Jordan create the perfectly balanced team. Just as in their marriage they bring together their individual male/female strengths to become a complete dynamic duo of portrait artistry and creativity.



Since their beginnings as a creative team over 15 years ago, the magical portrait art of Coy Fine Art Portraits adorns the walls of some of the finest homes in Southern California. Coy Fine Art Portraits works have also been featured on the TBS sitcom " Wedding Band "and on CBS's "Inside Edition", as well as being published in magazines and websites worldwide.

To this day Jordan still works side by side with Michael for several commissions each year, as well as empowering women through her beautiful boudoir portrait art. Meanwhile, Michael has exclusively assumed all portrait commissions for Families and Couples.

Michael and Jordan are also big believers in giving back. As a result, they gratefully donate and contribute to several local charities and fundraisers.